Inanna Rising: Women Forged by Fire
[Kindle Edition]

The tale of Inanna is one that originates in ancient times. The Sumerians spoke of how she descended into the underworld with her many raiments to protect her and one by one gave each of them up to face her fate.



Mental Ward: Echoes
of the Past

"Where The Dead Have Gone"

A collection of twelve such stories; tales of hauntings taking place in asylums.



The Dam (666: Sea Monsters)
[Kindle Edition]

Sometimes, what we can't see is the real danger. What lies beneath the seemingly calm water? What monsters swim, waiting for a chance to strike? Be careful when swimming at...the dam.


Midnight Remains
[from Amazon]

The authors of J. Ellington Ashton Press come together with twisted minds, and warped stories to bring you a terrifying collection of short stories. Midnight Remains brings together some of the most renowned small press authors currently in print.



Rose & Steel
[Kindle Edition, Paperback]

A one month old baby found in a yacht floating offthe coast of vIsland, alone and wrapped in burlap.Five other one month old infants found in just asstrange circumstances. What do they have in common and what brings them together?



Fish Tales I
[from Createspace Books]

Six creepy stories from six expert horror writers plus a set of poems that will leave you chilled are here, if you dare to swim in the deep waters with Fish Tales 1. For all fans of horrific sea creatures and people who push the limits.



Number 6
[Kindle Edition]

Ida Moreno had a good life. Head Curator of the New York Public Library, lots of friends and acquaintances among her co-workers, a nice, cozy apartment close to her work and the simple company of her cat, Tansy. All that changes in one horrifying moment.



Horrors & Occupational Hazards
[Amazon and from Createspace Books]

So you think your job is dull? Routine? A dead end? Well, my friend – dust off your resume, grab a pen and open these pages to see if any of these ‘Dark Possibilities’ of job opportunities may interest you...



Monster Attack

Discover the most gruesome beasts from Werewolves to Mermaids and the stories behind them.



Autumn Burning

Venture forth into the autumn woods and share in the atmosphere of these Halloween tales.



Urban Legends
[Amazon and from Createspace Books]

An Urban Legend takes many shapes and forms. From the peculiar glance of a neighbor’s dog, the weird face you see in the food on your dinner plate, or even the shadowy figure on the side of the road, an urban legends plays upon those instances of wonder and mixes them with fear.



Kill for a Copy

With visions of dark, fantastic worlds, disturbed minds and beasts beyond imagination, this collection will shock, scare and grant the occasional guilty chuckle as you immerse yourself in the nightmarish landscape forged by these newcomers.



All That Remains

Short stories with bittersweet themes that suggest horror, despair, and uncomfortable emotions.



Fifty Shades of Slay

A collection of bold new voices in horror flash fiction.



Twisted Yarns

Twisted Yarns is a collection of eleven depraved stories that will warp your mind and spark your curiosity for tales best muttered in hushed tones and dark corners.



Eight Deadly Kisses

Evil does not consider, or discriminate, it simply selects its target, stalks, and strikes.



Desert Tracks—
Searcher’s Inc #2


The second book of the ‘Searchers Inc.’ Series finds Shane Rose and his crew enjoying their first Christmas holiday together.



[Kindle, Paperback]

They laugh, they scream, they play.
They’re innocent and harmless, cute and cuddly, the apple of their parents’ eye.



F v M: Deadliest of the Species (Male Vs. Female)
(Volume 1)

[Kindle, Paperback]

Dig into the most brutal contest ever. Male verses female.



M V F: Death Personified (Males Vs. Females)
(Volume 2)

[Kindle, Paperback]

Would the males or females be declared the Best Horror Writers of 2015? The results were returned. Jaws dropped. The contest was declared a tie!



Strange Dominion: Weird Tales of the Wild West

Listen to the wind blow, feel the cold of the night after the heat of the day, gather round the fire and sit close to keep out the things that lurk in the shadows. Do you feel it?




The virus dubbed by the media as “'The Zombiefication Plagu” has struck worldwide. The deadly disease turns people into raging, flesh rending, rotting/liquefying creatures attacking every still living individual in their wake.



Seasonís Bleedings

The Holidays: A time of family, laughter, gifts, eggnog, toasted marshmallows - and terror! As our own version of a ‘Secret Santa,’ we asked some of our favorite horror writers to craft their best tales of murder and mayhem featuring each other.



Season of the Witch

We all know her, the mystic creature known as the witch, full of magic, chaos, and the wild she fascinates us in her many forms. Come now and join us in exploring her many facets, let them haunt you, take you away, and leave you wanting more.



Suburban Secrets 3:
Home Invasion


Home isn't always where the heart is. Sometimes, home is where the violence is. What happens when your safe place becomes quite the opposite; when the term 'home sweet home' no longer applies? Find out the answers in the third installment of the Suburban Secrets series, Home Invasion.



One Night in the Eternity Of...

Most vampires like the ‘Night-Life Party’ scenes, thrive in dangerous situations, or get their thrills by weaving boldly in and out of the human society.



Full Moon Slaughter

Within this tome, you will find a large and diverse collection of tales; stories which are dark, brutal and haunting. Tales true to the wolf or other shifter within. Accounts of Lycanthropy, of curses, lunatic carnage and full moon mayhem. Welcome to the slaughter.

Vampz Vendetta
[Kindle, Paperback]

A blood feud in which the family of the murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer's family.

Dance With the Demon
[Kindle, Paperback]

Like a parasitic shadow, attaching itself and penetrating its foul claws deep into your soul, your own personal demon feeds on your fears.

Psyco Path

It’s a cruel world we live in, one filled with darkness and confusion. Terror, and the worst kind of monster – human.



Full Moon Slaughter II
[Kindle, Paperback]

The classic stories like little red riding hood, beauty and the beast, and the wolf men who joined in the first Olympic games, all show the different takes on therianthropy through the centuries.



Preacher Bridges

All Preacher Bridges wanted to do when he received his “mustering out” papers was to head home with Zeus, and return to his life on the family farm. But fate had another task in store for the war-weary soldier.